The booking form is my preferred method for booking. Once we have set up a preferred date/time, I will expect you to confirm a few hours before a time we agreed upon. We will discuss this after screening.  My time is just as valuable as yours...please don't waste mine, and I won't waste yours! Like you, I have a 'real job', but I can and do make time to see you. Please be respectful of my availability.    

Please be sure to read all the info on my site. ALL of it. There is nothing to 'discuss' once you get here. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I might ask you which session you want, I might not remember. But that's it. You need to know which session you want. Please come prepared.. I do not have change. Please do not ask me about rates. Once pleasantries are exchanged, I will excuse myself for 3 or 4 minutes, so you can get comfortable. This is your opportunity to place the correct donation on the table.

Please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  I would hope you would arrive as freshly showered as possible. Please feel free to ask to use the facilities if needed. I have freshly dried towels and body wash for you to use!

Upon arrival, please be sure your phone is off or on vibrate. Please remove your watch.

Again..for obvious reasons, I do not have face pix posted anywhere. I do have a real job and and a personal life, and can't put myself in peril by taking a chance my pix will get into the wrong hands. I do have a pic to share after screening that will assure you that I am just a normal I your 'cup of tea'? Maybe, maybe not. I really don't care what you look like...after all, I am simply providing some relaxation...not going on for a night on the town! I stand 5'4" weigh about 125lbs, brown eyes. My haircolor changes from time to time. You just never know!