I am ‘newbie friendly’. I am NOT ‘reference friendly’. If you’d like to visit, you need to be screened. Again..discretion and privacy come into play here. Maturity as well. Any info shared with me is promptly deleted, I have no use for it past proving who you are. I will never contact you unsolicited. I have to be very selective about who comes to my location. As a general rule, those who come visit don’t have an issue with being screened. Many comment that they are glad I screened. It makes them feel safer. Safety should always be a factor. If someone doesn’t screen, they could be scammers, cash and dash, dangerous or worse case scenario, trafficked. But to each his own.

Sessions are 45min/125 (body rub included) and 30min/100 (no body rub). I do not offer hours.

MSOG w/45min only, not to exceed alloted timeframe.

My personal preference is 40 y/o and older. Caucasian only. Please, No Exceptions.

If you have read all the information, and you’d like to schedule a visit, please use the form here. I will reply ASAP with screening info. I do not reply to random emails. Please, no explicit or graphic questions. If you have a question, you can text me before 9pm 757-346-5271. Please do not call. I do not speak on the phone. I am sure all the info you need is here.

Remember discretion, safety, privacy and maturity at all times. And that goes both ways.

Things to know…
The form is my preferred method to set up a visit. I don’t screen via text. Just the form. Again, any info you have shared with me is promptly destroyed.

Once we set up a date/time, you will be expected to text me to confirm at least 2 hours before the time we agreed on. You should text me at least once to discuss location. You can feel free to text me anytime during the day until 9pm.

Please be sure to read ALL the info here. There is nothing to discuss once you get here. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Please be prepared the day of, and know which session you’re coming for and what you need to bring with you. I do not have change.

Once you’ve arrived, and pleasantries exchanged, I will excuse myself for a couple of minutes, to give you the opportunity to get comfortable. This is the time for you to place whatever on the table.

Please don’t arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I would hope you would arrive freshly showered, but if that isn’t an option, you can shower here. I have fresh towels and body wash. No problem! Just let me know ahead of time so I can have it ready for you!

Upon arrival, please put your phone on vibrate. And remove your watch. Place both on the chair.

For obvious reasons, I do not have face pix posted on the internet. I value my job and personal life too much for that. I do, however, have a pic to share after screening to prove I am just a ‘normal female’.

I am 5’4, 125lbs. My hair is shoulder length now, and the color can change. Depends on my mood. Am I ‘your cup of tea’? Maybe. Maybe not. You’re coming for the experience, not a night on the town. I’m not concerned with what you look like. Just that you’re safe to be with.



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