Birdwatching, Russian and Pearl Necklace

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The video has been removed. Someone thought it was OK to make money on it. Not cool.

'Excellent Service...exnavyemo  

Public review:

Puts you at ease immediately when you arrive and gives excellent service. Once you have seen her, you'll go back for more.
Premium review:

 Very quiet and secure location, and gives a nice massage in addition to her above average oral services. She greets you with a smile, makes some small talk to insure that you're put at ease, and then adjourns to her very nicely appointed room to conduct business. Nothing else is on the menu, though, so don't ask.

"An Amazing Experience"
by mrinappropriate on Fri, 06/01/2012
Public review:

Guys, this was my first experience with her, and she made this painless as my nerves crept in. She dealt with e-mails for a while as she screens appropriately for her safety and yours.

After a short phone call the day of our appt she provided directions to her private residence. She started with an amazing massgae as she is well qualified with doing a damn good job keeping me interested. After about 20 minutes of actual massage. After the actual massage she delivered just what her ad promised; skills to finish not spilling a drop. She is an amazing lady who carries great conversation; and oh yea her oral skills are the best I have ever experienced!!

"Great Gal!"
by soldierboyiraq on Wed, 11/02/2011
Public review:

She is a real person and good at what she offers and delivers. A must see lunch time treat. She can be as fast as you need or as slow as you want. VIPs read on.
Premium review:

Lady BJ is just that....  She will take you into her back bedroom.  Let you undress in private and when she returns does a warm up massage on your back side.  On the flip she goes right for the boys and licks and sucks you completely WITHOUT stopping or coming up for air.  It is her passion to make sure that it is good to the last drop and nothing is wasted any place every drop goes in her mouth AND swallows it all as you lay there satisfied.

Some one might not like is that she has a small dog that truly acts as her protector.  The only thing that might be concerned with is going home with another dog smell and your pet will want to sniff your new scent.  

I will return every time I need an oral fix!!!! Must repeat ....

by slowhandva on Fri, 09/30/2011
Public review:

She's a 5' 4" slim MILF that lives up to her reputation. Her skills are the best you'll ever find. You can tell she enjoys what she does but most of all she is a down to earth Lady. Best advice is to read what she has to say on her site and you won't be dispointed. There is never an "up-sell"
Premium review:

BJ will drain every drop out of you but all the while making you feel like you're the only man in her life! When you get there she'll greet you with a big smile and welcome you into her home. You'll sit and chat a little to break the ice so the two of you are relaxed. She can talk about anything so there is no loss of words.

After you talk awhile she'll lead you to the bedroom where she'll relax you with a wonderful massage and then have you roll over and she'll curl your toes with her oral skills which are second to none.

by redleg27 on Tue, 06/14/2011
Public review:

I have seen Lady BJ several times. She is a specialist! Lady BJ screens and uses a standard 2-call system. She uses an in-call that is clean and safe.
Premium review:

Lady BJ - her name is her best skill - She is not full service and only focuses in on her "namesake". She is simply the best!

She is a specialist and just does BJs and she is a true bbbjtcnqns. Best I have ever had! She can deep throat and her tongue skills are amazing! If you ever wanted a simple total BJ see BJ she is the real deal and the best I have ever had! She offers specials occasionally run don't walk.

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